Renew Your UAE Visit Visa

Bring your family members and friends without any hassle. Unique Desert Tourism LLC presents the most hassle free online visa service, you can submit an application and receive your visa entirely online without having to submit your passport for stamping. We have the lowest special rate for tourist visas and is the most convenient way to apply and receive the tourist visa.
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How to Apply

All you need to do is:

  • Duly fill up the online visa application form.
  • Submit documents relevant for processing of visa.

Upon submitting your details, our visa specialists will review your application and  would get in touch with you for further details like airline ticket, guarantor’s documents, or voucher indicating hotel booking. If guarantee is not a requisite, we assure you of quick processing of visa.

Important Notes

  • UAE visa is in the form of online visa, and is usually issued as a single-entry visa.
  • With a valid UAE, a tourist or visitor can enter UAE through any of its seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm al Quwain.
  • In the absence of a guarantor in UAE, visitor is entailed to provide a security deposit, preferably via Credit Card, Al Ansari Exchange or transferring amount to bank account.
  • Security deposit is not a requisite for families touring UAE with tourism interest.
  • It usually takes four to five days to process visa application. If it is required on urgent basis, you can opt for express visa services. Nevertheless, there may be changes for some nationalities.


30 Days Visa Renewal         AED 1599
90 Days Visa Renewal        AED 2070

Visitor’s Documents

  • Visitor’s Scanned Passport copy.
  • Recent passport size photograph.

Important Note

  • The validity of passport should be minimum of 6 months.
  • The passport should not be in hand written format.
  • The documents submitted should not be blurred or hard to read.
  • If any of the above requirements are not matched with your current situation you may contact us at

Guarantor’s Documents

Documents for Visitors with Guarantor In UAE.

  • Guarantor’s Passport copy and visa page copy (both valid for minimum 3 months).
  • A security cheque of AED 5500 for each visa, this cheque will be used only if the visitor is absconded or overstayed. (if required)
  • Last month Bank statement supporting the cheque drawn from the same account with good transactions in it. (if required)

Documents for Visitors with NO Guarantor in UAE.

  • Family visitors may not need to put any deposit instead they can make the Hotel / Airline / Tour booking with us with best guaranteed prices.
  • Individual visitors may need to put deposit and this may vary for each nationality, please contact us for more information through live chat or email us at

Important Note 

  • You may book the return ticket and hotel with us at special prices.
  • Most nationality passengers may not need to submit guarantee documents once reviewed by our visa team.
  • For passengers travelling in families with kids may not need to submit guarantee documents.
  • Passengers who have already reserved Hotel, excursions with Al Hadaf Tourism need not to provide any guarantee documents.
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